Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Yes, We have No Appliances...

So yesterday we found out the construction company (name coming soon) who is donating towards this project has been unable to get any assistance towards the appliances. This economy thing is hitting Lowes and Home Depot pretty hard I guess, as they are the ones who have assisted in the past. So that means I guess we just have to start praying in some appliances for the place. In a way I smile, it's just another piece to this interesting tapestry of what God is doing. A week ago the Lord really spoke to Dixie and I that we are not to fret nor worry about how this is coming together but to delight ourselves in all of His provisions and just be ready to move when He says move, speak when He says speak. So I smile at having yet another opportunity to move in faith and be surprised by His goodness.
If you feel led to contribute towards this cause we're setting up a paypal account and also are accepting gift cards for Lowe's and Home Depot. In the meantime I'll start looking for a new Washing Machine and Dryer and reflect on the White Robes awaiting me heaven. :-)


  1. I wonder if they would have any luck working something out with Habitat for Humanity Restore - Store...

  2. Good idea, I've had a couple of people mention Habitat for Humanity today. I'll check it out tomorrow. Biggest thing is to really press in and pray hard!


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