Monday, September 13, 2010

All in God's Hands

After filming our little video of the house last week Antonio and I started to leave when we saw a young second grade boy and kindergarten girl standing alone at the corner of the neighborhood entrance, (straight down from the house) and both of them were crying, alone and clearly scared. It was early release day and their mother had forgotten to come and pick them up. Of course, wouldn't you know it I had left my phone at home that day. So after calming them down we stopped a jogger who had a cell phone on her and happens to be the mother of a boy that both of my sons have played with before! After reaching the wayward mother on the phone we sat and waiting. I was so proud of Antonio as he really engaged with the kids giving me an opportunity to speak and witness a little to the jogger.
40 minutes later as the mother finally pulled up with a quick "Thanks, I was at a friends and forgot..." before quickly speeding away, I couldn't help but reflect on how this house is so much more than 'just a blessing for our family' and not merely another 'move of faith'. It is an assignment from God and an open invitation from Him, for our family to be a witness and example to our own community right here in Ocoee. As we pulled away Antonio so pointedly said, "Wow, I don't think it's just a coincidence that we saw those kids there dad. What would have happened if we weren't there?" I couldn't help but think what WOULD happen if I spent even more time seeking God's voice and following the lead of the Holy Spirit.


  1. Amen Canuso family! We felt the same way when God moved us to our community, taking us so far away from what we were "used to". New neighborhoods, new friends, a new church home. It was easy to think God did it for us, but He really did it for His glory. Praying for your family and the move, and your new missions base and youth center in your home, in Jesus' Name the children will come to know your family as some who really care and love their neighbors!

  2. Thank you for the great comment! Your last sentence really resonated with me, I could almost see a little children's church going on in our living room. Of course, that's what it's like when it's just our family...hmm. :-)


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