Sunday, September 26, 2010

Securing the Doors to life...

Another hard day of work at the new house! I got up early this morning and began to work on getting more primer up on the walls before rushing over to OHOP for our children's set. I was extremely blessed to have Keith and Leonarda help paint the primer upstairs. Both of them worked so hard in getting almost all of the upstairs finished! We got a LOT accomplished today, but this process is so slow it FEELS like we didn't get a lot done.
I find myself occasionally missing family, but today was a little harder than most. It's not just a matter of having people to help out, but having people who share in your joy. And, know how to comfort you in your disappointments even when you're trying hard not to show it. But when you don't have family close by, it's all the more impacting to know that you have good friends. This evening my friends Matt and Carlos took out the entire front door frame. After lots of drilling, sawing, and other brilliant stuff, we now have a secure front door! (We also have a refrigerator!) YAY!
As I watched my 2 good friends fixing the door, I couldn't help but think of the significance of how our relationships are often doorways to life. The friendships we choose can lead us down amazing paths that we might never know if we didn't take the time to care for them.


  1. We need more posts, especially that show updated videos....

  2. Coming soon! Almost finished last night.


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