Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Antonio!!!

Last Saturday (on Abraham Lincoln's birthday), Antonio - our firstborn - turned 13. Hard to believe, and I'm still a little freaked out about it, but true! We're parents of a teen. Although there are certainly challenges, and surprises... "What? You're taller than me now?"... we're pretty proud of him. Antonio is growing into a man after God's heart. He's kind to his siblings, most of the time, and serves in the prayer room by playing drums. He works hard at home and in his classes. Plus, he's usually game to watch the little ones while Nick and I have a quick coffee date. We're pretty blessed.
Here's a short video of him opening presents:

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Our House - Long Overdue Video!

Here's the long-awaited 3rd video of work on our house and moving in. We were so grateful for the help we had but truly believe that God was training us up through this process. A lot of things that we thought were lined up fell through, but we had many Christians volunteer their time, skills, and sweat for us as well. Plus, Nick learned that he CAN work with power tools and install a wood-laminate floor! We have learned and lived with a lot over the past few months and have so much left to do! Sabina's 3rd birthday was on moving day, so we shared (store bought!) cupcakes on the porch and got her a special balloon. I have to give a shout-out to the Dykraff family who generously donated carpeting for our bedrooms, as well as Dr. Bob Richardson and family who donated toward the (big project!) flooring. In addition, I have to give a big virtual hug to Rebecca Johnson who brought her homeschooling family over to paint primer- you are an inspiration! I'm just sorry Nick didn't get that on video. We have been so blessed by the outpouring of love and prayers.

Monday, February 7, 2011


This title applies to many areas in our life right now. Yes, our house is STILL a work-in-progress. Our schedule ALWAYS seems to be changing and trying to right itself. Will we ever be organized? Will I ever get the hang of homeschooling? Stay tuned! There is a lot going on. How can there NOT be? I'm working on the little movie of the progress made on the house. It was so nice to get all the Christmas decorations out and make our home beautiful. It wasn't so fun putting it all away. Especially since it was a bit of a rush job to get ready for everyone coming over to celebrate Keliah's 8th birthday a couple weeks ago. I really can't believe she's 8 already! When we first moved to Florida, we LEFT Kansas City on her 3rd birthday. I'd actually kept some little gifts for her to open on the trip, even though we had a party with family the night before. (NEVER attempt a big family party at a crowded Chuck-E-Cheese with only 1 bathroom open after you'd all spent the day packing the UHaul and cleaning! Especially when you are 6-months-pregnant with your 6th child.) The past 5 years have gone by so fast. 2 more family members, exploring beaches, discovering the winding Florida roads, 5 more moves, and serving and growing at the Orlando House of Prayer for half of it! God has been so good. He keeps us steadfast and feeds us breakfast. Hope you join us for the rest of this work-in-progress!