Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Journey of Faith...

As a family of 9 who live as full-time intercessory missionaries we knew it would take an extreme move of God for us to ever be able to own our own home, especially in this current market! However as Christians we don't have to be partakers in the World's Economy but we can stand on the promises of the Kingdom of God! This summer the Lord increased our faith as we listened to the voice of the Holy Spirit and trusted God in providing for us a 12 passenger van.
As with ANYTHING in life it required us to  
A. Give faithfully and sow (we did this by giving our 7 pass. minivan away)
B. Seek the Lord in fervent Prayer Intercession (we prayed about the van every day, several times a day - Mark 11:24-25)  
C. Work diligently toward our goal. (we called several churches, organizations, hotels, spoke to everyone we knew, went to dealership and van rental companies)
D. Trust in our Family of Christ (we had so many people laboring in prayer with us, looking for us, inquiring on our behalf. Do NOT forsake the fellowship of the brethren!)
E. Believe we had already received it (we were stuck in the midwest and delayed in getting airline tickets until about the last possible moment because we KNEW God had our van for us to drive back.)  
F. Give Him all the Glory! (Since driving our van back to Florida we have heard several testimonies of other families who were encouraged by our story of Faith and were able to hang on trusting in Jesus Christ until breakthrough came.

NOW.. the Journey Continues! Beginning tomorrow we will be sharing our next phase of this Journey of Faith as we share with you how the Lord is opening a door for us to own our first home. As with anything in life it won't be easy and requires all of the above steps in order for it to work out ... but isn't that what it's all about? The Journey of Faith.


  1. I am really looking forward to hearing what going to be happening!

  2. What a testimony!! Praise God!!! That is so awesome and so encouraging. Hope we can help you guys out with work on the house. Even though we are not available on the 18th. Roy is an incredible handyman...he even used to work for the church.

    Love you guys...so happy for y'all! :)

  3. Thanks guys! I'm excited about what God is doing and pray many are encouraged and emboldened to step out in unparalleled faith.


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