Saturday, September 18, 2010

On with the show!

So here we are... the big day! Sure there will be no dumpster today, okay so the construction company that was volunteering to to do all this work and put all this together ended up having some complications and won't be able to help this weekend now, and yes, there is the minor thing of the power company giving us problems with getting power turned on (Thanks Progress Energy) and there will be no power today, yes I'm still not feeling 100%, but you know what? It's ALL in God's hands. We are STILL going to be at the new house, ready to face the mess with whoever happens to join us, ready to tackle this giant and do it with joy. Cause you know what, there are ALWAYS setbacks and excuses as to why NOT to do something, but what I'm beginning to learn is how to focus on all the excuses and reasons as to why TO DO something. Such as the awesome opportunity this house represents for our family, the opportunity to be a witness and blessing to those in the neighborhood, the fact that many people are willing to come together and help us out with this, and most important reason as to why... because we're striving to follow the voice of God. So with that, we ask you for your prayers as we get ready to go and begin the restoration process - no matter how small or insignificant of a dent we might be making. After all the show must go on!!!!

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