Saturday, December 31, 2011

Recap of 2011

What an amazing year it's been for the Canuso family. We've been so busy that it feels as if we haven't accomplished anything, yet as we look back on this year I'm amazed at how much the Lord has done through each of us. After working hard and being used by God over the past 3 years to assist in helping to establish the prayer room at the Orlando House of Prayer, in July God opened the door for us to continue moving forward in the calling He's place on each of us to go forward as Forerunners and help raise up Houses of Prayer all over the Earth. Staying in Orlando our family has been privileged and blessed to be part of Encounter House of Prayer in downtown Orlando. Seeing our whole family actively engaged in ministry and the prayer room has been one of the greatest rewards. Antonio is playing drums in a couple of sets during the week as well as Sunday mornings. Rocky has grown in his violin and has also surprised us in the way he's been getting involved as prayer leader during our "Let's Go Pray" childrens set on Friday Mornings. Cecelia and Keliah love dancing on the dance team as well as doing prophetic singing and prayer leading. Following the lead of their older siblings Carlo, Luca and even Sabina are beginning to learn the piano and love to pray on the microphone as well as dance and explore prophetic artwork.
Dixie continues to homeschool but has also been growing as a vocalist, singing regularly and slowly finding time to get back to her artwork. She's also been very active in helping me out in the several different ministries I've been involved in, from creating amazing brochures and flyers to helping out in putting together curriculum and writing songs along side of me, I have been so blessed to get finally begin doing more ministry along side of my wife.
As Prayer Room Director for EHOP, I get to encourage people to experience the Joy and Intimacy of Encountering Christ through experiential prayer. As the Director and founder of the Justice Academy of Worship Arts I am humbled in getting to teach young and old alike how to creatively express their emotions through prophetic art and worship, showing them how God uses art as a practical tool to release His Justice on the Earth, in and out of the prayer room. As ambassador for Florida Abolitionists I've been able to actually see true Justice take place in the lives of helpless victims who fall prey to Human Trafficking right here in our own back yard. Finally we are putting some finishing touches to our company Myriad Visions, which will be the vehicle and tool to be able to put out original songs, artwork, books and creative/education media that has an emphasis on prayer, Justice and preparing for the Christ's return.
I used to get bogged down with thinking I was taking on too much, wearing several different hats, however over the past six months the Lord has shown me that while it appears I wear many hats, it's all the same calling. As a Husband, Father Musician and Forerunner who operates in the Spirit of the Tabernacle of David I look forward to continuing the work we've begun this past year and seeing how God will grow and multiply it. As always everything we do is dependent upon God's faithful provisions - and this past year, as with every other previous year, we continue to be amazed at how God provides through faithful supporters, friends and family and amazing creative miracles. As we close out 2011 and move into 2012 I hear the words that have enabled me to continue moving forward in faith that proclaim, "Unless the Lord builds the House, those who labor will labor in vain." Happy New Year from the Canuso Family to all of you.

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