Tuesday, May 17, 2011

What Do the Kids Do?

It's been an amazing adventure having the kids involved in the prayer room. We had a Children's Prayer Watch going for quite a while, and for the past 2 years Nick has been teaching a music class/Harp & Bowl training on Friday mornings for homeschooled kids 9 and up that includes a full intercession prayer watch. Just over the past month, this watch has grown to include younger kids in a cross-breed of the CPW and an intercession watch. The older kids have been patient and gracious, and the younger kids are so excited to be a part of the prayer room! Last week, in an effort to promote the Children's Equipping Center at OHOP, they recorded many of the children involved on Fridays in a short version of what they do. This was produced into a short promo video that I'd like to share with you here. I'm just thrilled that all of our children got to participate and get to serve God in this way. I am also blessed by my husband's heart to raise up this generation of young ones to be forerunners and ministers in the House of Prayer.

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