Sunday, March 13, 2011

Missing Dad...

Well, Nick had to fly to Nebraska on Tuesday to be with family following the sudden death of his stepsister, Janice. We have been praying, not only for his safety, but that he would be a blessing to his family during this difficult time and be a minister of the gospel while he's there. It's been a long week, but God has kept us safe and mostly happy. I think the grace has lifted. Good thing he's coming home tomorrow.
The volume level has risen steadily throughout the week and today Sabina was really acting like a pill at church. "I don't wanna be at OHOP! I don't wanna be at OHOP..."  "Well, where do you want to go?"  "At church." "Sweetie, OHOP is church." Then, she had a meltdown as we left. Proceeded by the adventure her 4-yr-old brother Luca decided to try in her room (shared with her sisters) of opening the window and attempting to climb out onto the roof over the garage WITH his little sister. Then, no one wanted to go to sleep tonight.
I think we're at the end of our "no daddy" rope. We miss you, Nick! Fly home on wings of angels!!!
(Y'all pray too, bring him home quickly and safely, Lord!)


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